Negotiate Child Support or Parenting Time With Ease

A family lawyer in Harper Woods, MI will look out for your best interests

Not all divorce cases involve both parents fighting for sole custody. With the help of a divorce lawyer, you and your spouse can agree on child support or visitation terms outside of court. Doing so will give you more say about what's best for your family.

Franchella L. Wright of Moore-Wright Legal, PLLC will give you her undivided attention when discussing your case. Find out for yourself how a family lawyer in Harper Woods, MI can help you separate from your spouse amicably. Call 586-510-0620 today to make an appointment.

Divorce Doesn't Have to Destroy Your Family

Divorce Doesn't Have to Destroy Your Family

When negotiating child support or custody with a family lawyer, it's a good idea to outline your goals. Consider these questions before meeting with your attorney:

  • What kinds of activities do you and your child do together?
  • Does your child have hobbies or medical needs that would require higher child support payments?
  • Are you expecting a promotion or job change?
Knowing the answers to these questions will help you negotiate child support payments or a visitation schedule with your spouse. Contact Moore-Wright Legal today to speak with a divorce lawyer in Harper Woods, Michigan.